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Asian Adventures has emerged as an iconic name which promotes conservation of environment and responsible tourism through the expeditions and trips it offers across Indian subcontinent. This interesting initiative came into being twenty three years back and has achieved numerous milestones during this long journey

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If you dream to see the varied variety of birds found in India you will have to start your birding journey from the northern part of India. The thrill and the pleasure that a birder receives by seeing various species of birds in India is alone enough to make him go crazy for Indian birding. You come with hopes and fantasies and then the smell, sounds, and experiences of northern India capture you to make your visit memorable. The fascinating sights of the landscapes and most importantly the Himalayas are awe-inspiring for many people. As most of them just imagine or have seen them in pictures. To make it even more memorable are the visit to the forts, monuments, rickshaw rides and many other little things that you can only find in a country as incredible as India. The best part that you will feel is the diversity in this country. People, food, languages all are diverse, yet united.

The Birding guides of Asian Adventures’ are trained to make your two-week birding trip full of flavors.

We have a huge team working 24X7 behind the scenes to make sure that you have a hassle-free birding trip. Your safety is paramount to us. We will do everything in our capacity to make this trip of yours the most memorable and successful one.

The species that we will guide you to see here are exceptional. You take a name and we will guide you right to it. Be it Sarus crane in Sultanpur or the spotted owlets in the minarets of majestic Taj Mahal in Agra.

We will make sure that the memories you capture here remain in your heart forever. The pictures you click here will be a constant reminder of the beautiful time you spent birding in India. We promise you that once you leave, that travel bug won’t let you rest. You will return sooner than you expect.

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Corbett is a destination one must visit during the North India Birding Tour with more than 580 species have been recorded in Corbett Biosphere Reserve. The most sought-after species are Ibisbill, wallcreeper, spot-bellied owl, great hornbill, Pallas’ fish eagle, crested kingfisher, brown dipper, three species of forktail etc. Being centrally located, Tiger CampResort in Corbett is amongst the best lodges in Corbett offers easy access to some of the best birding areas such as Jhirna, Dhikala, Kumeria, Kosi river. One can use a number of good birding trails in the radius of 25 km. One can take morning and afternoon walks in the nearby forested areas and riverbeds.

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